TILLANDSIA are tremendously adaptable for inside and outside tolerating a wider range of conditions than most other plants. Only small amounts of watering are required for living. Beautiful flowers are ramarkable feature of these strong plants.

The se inusual looking plants come from the family of flora Bromeliaceae. more commonly referred to as BROMELIADS. tillandsias are true "Air Plants", thes beautiful plants are epiphitic- able to grow without soil. Before selling, they require several years of specialized care to grow from seeds or pups to reach the adult stage


 The Air Plants, Air Carnation, or fog-trappers,  have become  in Chile, beautiful vegetal or plant gift, rare , exotic and astonishing.


Showing a lunar and exclusive aspect, its being required in the intellectual and vanguardists atmospheres, such as offices, counters, centerpiece, elegant dining rooms, elegant bathrooms, in dinners and parties and banquets, Feng Shui, for simple and minimalist decorations, Christmas Gifts, as complements in floral arrangements, or simply as silent pets, near your computer 

As an exotic plant of great variety, these tillandsia, or as in Spanish tillandsia, belong to the Bromeliaceous family.  They are always welcomed in any place or environment, becoming a sensual living decoration,  and it is even admired  be the most insensible person.

These attractive species arranged in magical compositions of rustic, Japanese or European airs, they are absolutely noble and resistant, claiming a minimum care.

They feed on the humidity of their environment,  they are epifitus plants.  They only have to be sprayed  with water twice a week and should be under indirect light.

Magnetic and water capturing plants, they are becoming famous around the world for their mystic and popular belief  of their capacity to harmonize the surrounding environments giving peace, beauty and sensuality to its owner.

The compositions and master pieces are finely designed by Mr. Fabio Reyes Allel, Floral Design Teacher,  and General Manager of  Florerias Floramour Chile.